Leather Stocking Building

All can observe the art of making a myriad of leather goods, clothing and leather art.  Children will learn to braid bracelets, make jingle sticks, decorate leather and dye leather using natural materials. All will be able to observe the making of Native American-style bridal gowns as well as view the custom work used for Native-style biker chaps, and old fashioned historic-style clothing. The THHC will have innovative new designs and styles that build on the old and will be designed and modeled but made in the methods of the traditional ways.

Leather and furs will be explained and the tanning processes, old and new.  Children will be encouraged to touch the furs and understand the traditional use of these materials before the newer man-made materials existed.  Also a leather sales shop and goods made of leather will be here.  There will be a display of the changes in the leather industry in the area over time.  

There are leather classes that will be attended in this building and the teaching of Native American and Historical clothing styles.  Tourists will learn the differences in the types of leather and why linings were started in jackets. They will find out which leathers breathe and which do not.  They will learn the difference between tooled leather and pressed print leather. This building will have a bead shop as well, so that those who wish to try their hand may purchase beads of a quality to be used.

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