Display Building

THHC will provide a display building housing a large collection of Native American artifacts. It will provide a hands on venue where children will learn the Native American art of cornhusk doll making, cloth dying, bow and arrow making , basket making, and beading. THHC will create a venue where children will hear Native American and local old time storytelling and music. The display building will be a teaching area where Native American will be teaching to Native Americans as well as to non-Native Americans.  

Teachers will offer beadwork, basketry, flint knapping (making arrow heads), the making of snowshoes, lacrosse sticks, canoes, corn husk doll making, weaving teasel brushes, bone awls, bone carving, flute making and fish hooks of old.  Visitors will have the opportunity to learn feather painting, traditional cloth dying, as well as other hands-on experiences.  

Murals will line many walls and staged rooms provide local entertainment and guest lecturers.   These same rooms will be used for teaching about Native and non-native religions that crossed the valley over time as well as specific Historical events and story-telling of all types.  The Native American and History Library will reside in this building.

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