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The Tribes Hill Heritage Center is an educational facility, where children and adults can learn about and experience Native American culture and history as well as the history of the Mohawk Valley. The center’s vision includes a Church converted to a Heritage Center at 360 Mohawk Drive, Tribes Hill, NY 12177.  Located in Montgomery County, NY. activities will include the teaching of land and animal conservation, history, music, dance, ecology, making of crafts, both Native American and Settler style historical and regional artistic endeavors.

The organization’s hope is to boost the local economy with increased tourism, provide leather-working and other marketable skills to local people, while sustaining itself through art, crafts,  lifestyle skills and understanding.  We hope to provide a place those with disabilities may access and a place for some to learn new ideas of the historical past- both Native Americn and Settler lefeways.

We intend to present our findings through the large collection of artifaces and the local history as told through years of passed along stories.  We intend to discuss swamp management as our ancestors practiced it before Columbus arrived, and the building of the Turtle Houses of the Algonquin peoples, of the changes in the fauna, flora and navigation through the trade routes of the Mohawk Valley, as well as why Tribes Hill was named such and how it was used by many Native Americans.

We intend to present a rare collection of artifacts collected over familie's lifetimes, and some recently donated to the Heritage Center; for instance a doll made by Sitting Bull's Granddaughter, a collection of tufting (don't know it- you need to come see it), the real stories of wampum, the truth about the jackalope, and mostly the celebration of the differences of the many peoples we as Native Americans were and still are.

We hope to promote more interest locally in historic and cultural tourisn through our connections with other sites to bring tourists from large cities to visit the area along the Mohawk River between the Catskills and the Adirondacks. The upcoming train station in Amsterdam should help with connections to local bus tours.


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Tribes Hill Heritage Center buys Church

Tribes Hill Heritage Center has purchases the Presbytarian Church located at 360 Mohawk Drive, Tribes Hill, NY 12177  It is to become a Native American Museum displaying the arts and crafts from across the country.  It will also house a Native American Museum and classrooms to teach Native American arts and crafts as well as the skills of settlers arriving to the region. There will be a story telling area and a video area, as well as community room available to the public.

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